Autumn’s here

One of our set aside areas

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly outside the bakery

Is it just me or is it feeling Autumny all of a sudden? The evenings are getting Chilly and dewy. The hedges are bursting with juicy blackberries, hips and haws, that lovely autumn smell is in the air.

Here at Naish farm we are busy preparing to plant the next section of conservation hedging and hazel copse. We have left all the set aside to go to seed so we have an abundance of thisle heads for the finches to feed on.

Graham and I will start the next round of hedgelaying in October, I can’t wait, it’s so much fun and so rewarding to see the hedge grow back thick and healthy. Also exposing the banks mean that the ferns and primroses have a plenty of light and are able to grow.

Last weekend Honeybuns had a stall at the Oak fair at Stock Gaylard , Graham had an excellent show and had lots of lovely feedback. Whilst there I picked up lots of info about wildlife, conservation and rural crafts.

Anyone interested in learning a new rural skill should visit for course information. It’s run by a lovely group of people passionate about woodland conservation and rural crafts.

On Tuesday 2nd Sept I had a very exciting day in London at the Tate Modern at the Launch of 10:10. A campaign to cut 10% of carbon emmisions by the end of 2010. Individual households, business’ and organisations can all sign up. Visit to sign up and find out more.


Thanks for reading, and remember Bee green!!!