Puppy Mayhem at Honeybuns


The puppies are still distracting us from doing a proper day’s work-.Eeeeek.They are now 5 weeks old & just two little chaps still need a home.This is a relief- much as we love them -l the thought of adding too many more canines to our 4 strong pack was  bit of a worry.Ben, Ollie, Miss Pegglebottom & Honey are quite a handful.We’re going to keep one though.

Photos to follow of the pups in their very own handknitted Honeybuns jumpers-..

Whilst in the midst of a hectic schmektik Honeybuns day it is wonderfully calming to go and watch the brood at play.They truly have not a care in the world until they realise you are there & then they start hollering en masse for humanoid cuddles.It’s not much of a chore- I love being on cuddle duty-.the only snag is then it’s very easy to forget the call of the computer back in the office-..people are then sent to drag me back to my desk.

Bakerywise it has been all systems on turbo charge.We are sourcing an eco bamboo tray thingeyme- jig to hold our new savoury gluten free tart.

We’re trialling this product with John Lewis in their new store in Poole- it’s all very exciting & the first tarts will be in the store in approx one month’s time.It’s a brand new John Lewis store too- so there’ll be plenty of tweaks for all of us along the way.

If this trial goes well we can then look to launch the tarts to more stores & customers in the New Year.

The savoury side of things is hugely exciting. We embrace competiton & there are lots of fellow gluten free cake producers out there now. We sense the cakey market is becoming a wee bit crowded. Our foray into savouries will hopefully enable us to foray into new market places.

Similarly- we’re also being kept busy with online orders for our Honeybuns lipbalms-what’s not to love about these Dorset made balms in Snowy Hills flavour? Coming soon are our tres posh handmade cupcake keyring in leather & tweed & our daaaahling linen-swishy-girly aprons-all in time for Christmas (with a wing and a prayer!!!)

On the sweeter side-we do have a couple of new cake products up our sleeves- we’re focusing hard now on Gluten, dairy & refined sugar free- high fruit content treats.During this recession we’ve seen customers head for the butter & choccie lines- our hunch is that when times get brighter again there’ll be a swing back to all things healthful.Our motto remains the unchanged though- ‘Be Happy- eat cake & then pop out for  little run -or something’

Hence Matt & I are in training for the Amsterdam Half Marathon in 2 weeks’time. Fitting runs around the German trade show this Friday onwards is going to be a tad tricksy–We’ll pack lots of Triple Chocolate Tinkers as sustenance. I still can’t get over Eddie Izzard’s amazing marathon achievemet- maybe we ought to sendhim some Tinkers too-..?

Please do call in to the next Bee Shack day- Saturday, 7th November or we’re having a big foodie quiz/open evening on Thursday, 29th October- please see website for details.

Speak soon,

Em xx

Ollie Pops on hols-Rock ’09.