Honeybuns at MasterChef Live


It’s freezing here in Honeybuns land-it veritably feels like snow is on the way.The donkeys & horses are all noses down into their sweet meadow hay and things are beginning to look, well, just a little-.festive-

We’re on the final leg now of designing our new Christmas Home page.It should look fabulous with just a little luck and the creative genius of VB & Sara-The new pinnies are resplendent & we can’t wait to get all the other new gift items on there.

We’re heading off to the MasterChef LiveShow this Friday-Sunday. Myself & Clare will be on the stand handing out lots of nibbles and selling our lovely tins alongwith lipbutters, cakes & pinnies to make supercute pressies.The show is usually quite full-on busy. If you’re going- please do come and see us- we’re up in the gallery area & you’ll spot the HBuns bunting & clothesline of hessian bags from afar-

the next few weeks are busy with various meetings.Charlotte & I head off to the smoke this Wednesday & we’ll then finally have a launch date for our new little savoury tarts.We’re also going to pop into the Country Living Fair to see if we’ll exhibit next year.

The new savoury tart samples keep disappearing- Charlotte can’t keep up with demand form all of us in the office.They are soooo incredibly moreish. We’ve just finished the label designs-which were tricksy- they needed to still look ‘Honeybuns’ but not like a cake- tricksy.

Hope you like the  pic- we need to take some fresh ones from around the site for you.

Em xx

Mmmm teabreak