Fattening up for the Winter!

Stormy Sky, view from the Bee Shack over Bulbarrow Hill

Here at Honeybuns we believe in eating well and wasting very little. The team eat together 3 times a week in the Bee shack and nothing goes to waste, windfall apples are turned into apple crumble, and burnt– erm,I mean well done! – cookies & cakes are turned into trifles and knicker bocker glory for all to enjoy.

Even the wildlife around the site eat incredibly well, on a chilly morning last week I topped up all the bird feeders with reject pecans & almonds and the ground feeding birds got out of date cranberries and apples. Although I think the ground feeding dog – Peggy, ate most of the cranberries!

Em & I spent a ‘ Bee green Day’ a couple of weeks ago, planting out more shrubs and bulbs for the spring and lots of willow,  filling in the sides of our willow bird hide. We got to use our first batch of home made compost, we compost all of our kitchen waste, from fruit skins to blue paper towel. It’s a very  satisfying feeling to  be able to return it to the ground and use it to grow more fruit & veg for the team and our lovely Bee shack customers to enjoy.

Graham and I are all set to get cracking with the next section of hedge-laying in Jan. Graham took part in a coppicing course with the lovely people at Monkton Wyld Court in Oct, he spent a very enjoyable couple of days learning all aspects of coppice planting and harvesting, he is now raring to go with planting our coppice.

We are planning  to plant a hazel and willow mix and aim to create an extra wildlife haven as  part of the nature reserve here at our gluten free bakery.

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Remember-.Bee Green!

Peggy, The ground feeding dog, fleeing the scene!