Tree planting

Hello again

Another quick update on the BeeGreen front, having been so busy in the bakery in the last couple of weeks Graham & I have been unable to start the hedge laying, but finally the day  has come, we are due to start this Friday!

My husband has his been busy with his sharpening stone, preparing the tools for us, just cannot wait to get stuck in now!

We are now all set to get going with the next round of tree and hedge planting.

I’ve ordered from a wonderful local company some  stock friendly Conservation hedge mix,  Dog roses,  Filbert cob hazels, common hazels, Merryweather Damsons & Crab apples.

Along with the many willow cuttings I took through out last year – some of which have rooted in our old barrel water butts. We plan to plant a willow & hazel coppice with dog roses and honeysuckles weaved in between.

The damsons & crab apples we’ll plant out in one of our set aside areas at the back of the farm, along with some buddleias. Providing the butterflies and bees with much needed habitat.

Graham & I are planning a hedge laying photo diary to keep you all up to date with our progress, so keep a look out to see how we are getting on.


We thought this Pied Wagtail was stuck in the sponge, but realised when he flew away that he only has one foot! He’s become a regular at the Naish farm feeding stations.

Cherry tree, spring 2009. Planted 2008.