Sweets for your Valentine Honey


Well Aslan is on the move & the great thaw has begun Narnia style. We have just teensy remnants of the snow that was sooo beautiful just a couple of weeks ago.

The birds are singing & on certain mornings it feels like-Spring is not that far away–.Hoooray! Even some of the daffodils are coming up strongly- it’s from one extreme to tother.

Charlotte will soon be popping another Bee~Green blog up so I need to be careful not to nick her proverbial thunder- suffice to say that she has been busy ordering up lots of conservation hedging & native trees in readiness for planting before the sap start to rise. More to follow on

We’ve recently had a wonderful photoshoot with the very talented Mr Jonathon Bosley- who has made our wrapped cakes look tres smart- this is not easy as you get such a lot of glare from the packaging film. With deftness of anti glare lighting Jonathon has made each & everyone look stunning. We’ll use them on our website & specifically to promote our Valentine online shop supa dupa offers. They’ll be online soon- for instance we’ll be offering a chocolate selection with gift tin & a complimentary lip butter for infinitely kissable lips-..all for £14.99 (plus P&P) What’s not to love?

We’re also delighted to have teamed up with a local potter from Somerset who is working on some cute as buttons ceramic fridge magnets & little place name holders for us. We’re very excited about these.We’re keeping everything crosed that we can get them done & ready for Easter gifts.

There are a few other new items to appear online soon- but I do tend to be guilty of spilling the beans- I’ll leave some surprises. What you can be sure of is that everything we sell will be properly crafted either in the UK or ethically overseas- more to be revealed soon.

Our lovely bright yellow cakeboards are now adorning our Heathcliffe Brownies & they look supa-dupa stand out lovely- without being garish- or so we think-you may beg to differ & we’d love any feedback.

The same sunshine yellow has taken hold in the Bee Shack & when you come to see us hopefully on Sat, March 6th you’ll be reminded of all things Springtime-we’ve even sourced some birdsong soundtracks to play gently in the background–be gone ye winter blues!


mid winter view at Honeybuns