Spring is on the way!


Spring is in the air here at the Honeybuns Nature reserve, a pair of sparrows seem to have claimed the nest box with a camera in!  They have been popping in and out and sitting on top, chirping very loudly!  So we are very much hoping that they will move in and start a family.

We have a TV screen in the Bee shack linked up to nest box cam and Joany cam, so it will be lovely for the visitors to the Bee shack to be able to watch them hatch and fledge.

Graham and I are making good progress with the hedgelaying, despite the fact that in places the hedge is made up almost entirely of brambles!!! We have been lucky with the weather and hope to finish by the first week in March.

This weekend we’ll be planting our hazel and willow coppice and the conservation hedging.

For more information on hedgelaying and courses in Dorset visit or Dorset Centre Rural for Skills ( DCRS).

Progress has also been good with the team veggie patch, the raised beds have been started, the next step is going to be filling them with a mixture of manure, compost and top soil. Then the smaller two will be covered with a poly-tunnel with a thermal cover, hopefully meaning we can start planting seeds in March. Everyone is getting really excited and busily planning what to plant in their plot. We have an excellent reference book in the Bee shack called Food from your Garden’ by Readers Digest, it tells you how to do just about everything, from making a green house, to planting every type of vegetable and fruit how to preserve them, I would highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading, please Bee Green ! x

The Start of the Team Vegetable patch!

Graham & I making good progress with the hedge.