Jenny Wren’s birds eye view-

Jenny Wren’s  -Bird’s eye view- Hello I’m the newey person to the team, replacing the lovely Victoria, who I had the pleasure of meeting before she left to her new career of teaching.

I’m in my third week now and learning and experiencing new things every day. It’s certainly the first time  I’ve stroked a donkey on a coffee break at work or sprinkled cake crumbs out for the birds.

I still have alot to learn in the paperworky side but Emma is a good teacher and is trying not to overload me. I am trying not to overload myself with cake tasting –  well I do need to know the products!

The dark handsome one on the top

My fave so far is the Heathcliffe Brownie, he’s  so georgeous !

What a  multi-talented team here, everyone appears to have a special Skill! – Not the ability to see through solid object s or be invisible, (although- maybe !) but

there’s certainly  a baker who is a superb artist, a packing lady who is a talented sewist (good at dressmaking and has made beautifull dotty aprons, a couple of hedhgelayers just to name a few.

I will be sporting one of the fabulous pinnies for the first time at the foodshow in Cornwall with one of  our wholesalers.

My previous gardening experience may well come in useful, Im a good little weeder, and am looking forward to the new raised veggie beds being finished.

I’m especially glad to see they are going to be filled with topsoil  instead of the thick clay soil we have here. It would probably take three people to pull a carrot out of that.

Our cosy training/team room is looking wonderful, with the pretty blue  and white check table cloths and little vases of bright springy flowers, We’ve glammed it up a bit in readiness for two visitors from Japan and  for our Bee Shack opening  on the 6th march.

Do come along for tea, coffee and cakes or why not book for lunch –  bring your mums for an early Mothers day treat – If my mum stops calling herself the ‘Duchess of Wedmore’, (She isn’t, but it amuses her to say it ) – I may bring her or  treat her to one of the  little enamel  Honeybuns tins full of cakes. They’re also available from our online shop – beautifully wrapped for mother’s day