Glasto Prep


It’s been especially busy in our little Honeybuns Hive of activity over the last few weeks.

Barry & Graham, who work in the bakery & packing teams respectively, have also put together an exhibition in our Bee Shack Cafe- it’s all happening at the same time as Dorset Art Weeks Both are talented artists in their own right- both have worked as childrens’ book illustrators too.

To celebrate their work we’re holding a little launch party this Saturday in the Bee Shack-2-5 pm for nibbles & drinkies. Everyone welcome so do pop in and join us.

The Bee Shack will also be open for normal for lunches this Saturday too- hope to see you there- we’ll be serving the first harvest of our very own Bee Shack grown salads These will be served alongside our very moreish little savoury tarts. The hold up on getting these savouries up online is that we need to add more shelves to our online shop- this sounds straightforward but it’s quite techy- as soon as this is done we’ll be able to sell these gorgeous things directly to you.

We’re also getting ready for Glastonbury- we trundle down the lanes to Somerset in just a vouple of weeks to start setting up camp & getting the mobile Bee Shack Cafe prepped. One of my favourite bits of the Glasto annual  pilgrimage are the trips to & from the site- you get to have banter with fellow traders & hard core travellers who set up camp for a good week before the festival offically opens. It’s also a proper treat to be in the English countryside at such a gorgeous point in the year.

Please do look out for our fluffy pink parasols if you’re there this year. Comfy chairs, cushions & proper china mugs await you!

This weekend we’ve teamed up with our very good pals at HiHo Silver who are holding teaparties in each of their jewellery/homeware stores .  If you go to & locate their shops- whuy not pop in this Saturday?They have uttterly gorgeous jewellery & by quoting this ref- ‘Hihoteap’ you’ll get a free HBuns cake & a 10% discount.What’s not to love?

In addition we’re in the process of launching another three new minis- ideal if you’re a bit worried about the old calorie count of our regular slices. We believe firmly that our cakes are good honest indulgent treats. We can’t dress them up in anyway as a health kick. The best we can do is offer smaller portions-

Personally I still need to run & walk to be able to indulge my passion for proper cake made with the good stuff- butter & our very local free range eggs.I’d rather that than eat anything  ‘diety’-.but then I’m a proper cake geek.

That’s all for now.

Wishing everyone a super weekend coming up. We’ve heard a rumour that it’s going to be deliciousl

Our Beautiful Tart

y sunny-

Em x