Free Cakes!


We had a lot of fun last Thursday- Thanks so much to our pals at hiho Silver , Crips , Reads coffee & everyone else who supported the evening. The quiz was as competitive as ever & as the questions started the brows began to furrow–..

The Bee Shack looked lovely & the prize hamper was filled to bursting with lots of local goodies including sausages by the Black Farmer, Blue Vinny Cheese, HiHo Silver jewellery, Reads Coffee, Dorset Tea-the list goes on!

The ‘Ingredients Feeling’ part of the quiz was good value from a spectators’ point of view-I’m amazed that our contestants don’t revolt- but they gamely delve into the boxes full of slimy stuff as the competitive fever takes a hold.

We don’t think the venue looked bad for a renovated chicken shed-..

We’re now full steam ahead into getting ready for Christmas with all of our lovely gifts online. If you are in Dorset this weekend the aforementioned Bee Shack Cafe is open for lunches so if you just want to pop in to stock up on cakes- we’ll be delighted to see you there. For directions & all the usual Bee Shack info please see

Apologies for the rather flakey signage at the bottom of the HBuns drive- we’re working on improving this. Please do look out for the new 3-D cake tin sign which will be appearing soon-we think you’ll like it.

We’re also enjoying giving away free cookies each & every Tuesday. All you need to do to join in on Tinker Tuesdays is to have a peek on the Honeybuns facebook page & then email before 12 noon each Tuesday.

We pick a random winner from the Honeybuns hat & send the lucky person a tin of Tinkers. It has proved very popular-should we think about a flapjack Friday-

Em x