Stephen Fry supports VFM


We’ve been busy little honeybunners since we last blogged. Dorset Food Weeks has been and gone and we’ve been working hard on supplying some brand new wholesale customers. We had a first order to Finland which is really exciting. I’m hoping we just be able to justify a field trip to Helsinki-.but I’m not sure Matt will fall for that one-

We’re also proud to be working with the online Virtual Farmers Market founded by the brilliantly talented & enthusiastic Mr Marcus Carter. You can shoponline for artisan foodie goodies & avoid the blustery British Winter.-genius! The VFM is supported by Stephen Fry no less, pls see the following links-

Instead of a trip to Helsinki, we’re saving our pennies & looking forward to refurbing our lovely new office. In true Honeybuns ‘up cycling’ style, we have breathed new life into a disused portable classroom. It was no longer required by our local Primary School & they kindly offered it to us. We’ve got lots of local talented people involved in its refurb. , from carpenters to seamstresses- and it’s going to look scrumptious. We’ve been inspired by the lovely Kirstie Allsop’s fab series on the telly-

We discovered that Hayley makes faaaabulous fabric pinboards & lives just down our road. We’ve asked her to make a GIANT pinboard to cover one wall. We can then display all of our gorgeous thank you cards & letters on it &  -.. we’ve also devised a new Facebook competition–.. ‘The PinBoard Wizard!’ launching in the New Year. We’re working on the details but the idea is to spot the Honebuns Bumble Bee on the pinboard each week. You can then win a tin of Honeybuns cakes-what’s not to love?

We’re also tweaking our branding just a little bit. We’re devils for the detail & we’ve got some gorgeous new packaging & products coming out in the New Year.

For those looking for the ideal Christmas pressie- made by us- for you- please pop onto

We’d also love to see you on Facebook– you could win a tin of Tinkers each Tuesday too in our Tinker Tuesday’ competition!

Ideal for Christmas

Em x