It’s hedgelaying time again!

Day two hedge laying

Hi There,

Yes it’s that time again, Graham and I have finally made some time to get started on the hedge laying, it’s going really well, even though some patches of hedge are made up of entirely brambles &  dog rose leaving virtually nothing to lay in.

The hedge we are laying is made up of mostly maple, hawthorn and blackthorn that has for years been battered by a hedge cutter! meaning we have long straggly trunks with bushy, half rotted tops ! The hedges laid in the past two years are now looking healthy and bushy, very satisfying  for Graham and I to see.

The first signs of Spring are starting to show, with daffodil bulbs peeping through the grass and catkins in the hedgerows, although we may be in for some more chilly weather if this old country saying is anything to go by;

When the cat lies in the sun in February, she will creep behind the stove in March!’

Work has also started in the poly tunnel, the beds have been dug over with manure and more top soil added. Next week I plan to get some seeds planted and potatoes chitting!

Just dug the last few beetroot from the raised bed last week and have pickled them ready for the team to enjoy. The purple sprouting brocoli is doing well and should be ready for picking in the spring.

The birds around the nature reserve are doing really well, each morning I let out , feed and water the chickens and then put seed and fat balls out for the birds, the robins and sparrows are really tame, they now cannot wait for me to walk away after sprinkling the grain and come down to feed just a few feet away, it’s lovely!

We have come across this interesting organisation who are working hard to promote education through food, farming and the countryside. See the link to find out more.

That’s all for now folks, I’ll keep you posted on the hedge laying.

Thanks for reading

Charlotte x

Apple trees on a chilly day