Spring has Sprung!

Planting willow and hazel trees

Hello Bee Greeners,

What a beautiful day and how lucky we are to be in sunny Dorset!  The sun is shining, the skies are blue, butterflies are fluttering, Bees are buzzing and to top it all I saw my first swallow today!

I know that one swallow does not make a summer! But the return of these amazing birds always fills me with such joy, knowing that balmy summer days are just around the corner.

The hedges are bursting with blossom and the banks with wild flowers – wild violets, primroses, celandines to name but a few. The warmth of the sun today seems to have released their scent, the smell of Spring is wafting through the breeze-.lovely!

I had a successful Bee Green planting day a couple of weeks ago and replanted some willow and hazel trees that we lost in the cold weather, we also planted some more apple and plum trees.

The fruit bed and poly tunnel are next on the list, we plan to plant a selection of currants, raspberries & gooseberries in the fruit bed and lots of veggie seeds & spuds in the poly tunnel, although I need to get a move on, my first early spuds at home are already up, The Bee shack garden spuds are still chitting !

We’ve taken inspiration from Joe’s pocket guide to the edible garden has been an excellent resource for us in planning our annual vegetable plot.

Now that the birds are starting to think about nesting, Graham will soon be re starting his monthly bird surveys, our team wildlife log sightings have been interesting, the first bats were seen flying around the nature reserve in mid March. Other sightings have been yellow hammers, coal tits, marsh tits, Snipe, sparrow hawks, Kestrels & buzzards.

I thought I’d leave you with this delightful Spring poem;

Spring arose on the garden fair,

Like the spirit of love felt everywhere,

And each flower and herb on earths dark breast,

Rose from the dreams of it’s wintry rest.

Wishing you all a sunshine filled Spring, Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x

Celandines & Violets