Dorset- the Sunshine state


Yippeee it’s like the Riviera again this week in our patch of North & very rural Dorset. We’ve all enjoyed seeing the swallows a swooping around in the yard & amongst the old farm buildings. They return year after year to ‘Stable 3? to raise their broods. We have lots of sparrows, tits & assorted finches plus two very plumptious wood pigeons making their nests at the moment.It is like avian Piccadilly Circus.

The bakery is in full swing & with the short  working week it’s all hands on deck to get all the orders out in time. We’re reaching decision time again this year. We need to be able to ease some of the hands on processes at Honeybuns but without losing our highly valued ‘handmade bakery status’-it’s a tricky one. Things like cardboard box assembling machines in the Honeybuns packing room would certainly help-.but we then have the issue of where to fit them. We’ll get there in the end -there’ll be some lateral thinking solution that comes to the surface after much head scratching, tea drinking & Triple Chocolate tinker dunking!

Easter is almost upon us & we do wish you a truly Bunnylicious holidaytime. We’re planning an Easter egg hunt for lots of little persons  in the garden this weekend preceded by bunny hops on the trampoline -.It probably is best to do the bouncing before the devouring of too many eggs-

Our deadline for mail order Easter pressies has now passed but there is still time to enter our Right Royal Tea party competition.

You can win a fantastic Emma Bridgewater designed mug filled with Honeybuns Minis.

We went to Frome yesterday, a lovely little market town in Somerset. It’s the shy little sister to nearby Spa town Bath. If you’re into all things pretty & vintage then Frome is for you. We were spoilt for choice on the latte & cake front too. Highly recommended for an afternoon mooch about & lots of  info on sustainable living is posted on various cafe notice boards,

Wishing everyone a delightful Easter,

Em x