Honeybuns recipes


We’ve been busy little bees over the past few months- working on a book project ready for next year. It has meant that Charlotte is thoroughly fed up with my messiness in the test kitchen – we’ve been working together for three intense months. This is one of our own snapshots of a prototype custard cream-

Best pretty custard cream

We were extremely lucky to have the help of Laura Bailey, a food & business student who kindly volunteered her time in the name of work experience. Laura walked into a lion’s den of pressure & hit the kitchen floor running – by day two she was road testing icing recipes & after a couple of weeks had come up with her own falafel & Dukkah spice recipe. Thank you Laura – you are an absolute star & do look out for the eponymously named lime butter icing in the much anticipated tome-

Also on hand to recipe test & check that gluten free still means utterly delicious was the mighty Alweston WI. Their recipe test reports were read with great trepidation – they were extremely thorough in their reporting and took no prisoners. We’re really grateful for everybody’s enthusiastic hands on help & support – fantastic.

The week of the actual photo shoot was quite full on (understatement) but we did repeat our daily morning mantra of, It’s only cake’. We had the privilege of working with an insanely good book team, pictured with some of us HBunners below.

Book Team Summer 2011

Now Autumn is here, we’re cracking on with the planning of operation ‘Honeybuns Orchard Replant’. According to the maps we have of Naish Farm, some dating back to the 1600s, the paddock behind our Bee Shack Cafe was planted with an assortment of cider & cooking apple trees. We’re keen to reinstate them along with pear, medlar, quince, walnut & hazelnut trees. We’re starting phase one of planting this Autumn & our dream is to be able to invite children & members of the local community to an annual orchard day. We’ll be using any fruits in the bakery to produce seasonal treats to serve in the Bee Shack Cafe.

Information on this project will be on view soon in the Bee Shack Cafe. Our next Bee Shack Cafe day is Saturday, 5th November. As always, there’ll be lots of samples to try along with our usual gluten free, veggie lunches. We’re also planning a special little Honeybunnies’ area in the garden too – things will start taking shape over the winter months.

The animals are all well here at Naish Farm. The ponies are well padded in preparation for the winter ahead. Our new water trough is now crystal clear & full of goldfish that we’ve become quite attached to – even our taciturn courier drivers stop to have a little peek.

It would be lovely to see you in Nov at the Bee Shack.

Em x