The Best Gluten Free Millionaire’s Shortbread Recipe


It’s been a busy little week here at Naish Farm. We’ve been working on a new recipe for melt in the mouth, gluten free  millionaire’s shortbreads. Very naughty, but naturally so- and you could always make them in teeny spread the naughtiness out a little-? I find this works in theory but it’s a little harder to practice restraint when these little scamps are fresh out of the oven-

The recipe will be appearing in the ‘Oxfordshire Bake Off’ recipe book- all raising funds for Oxfam. The actual ‘Oxfordshire Bake (fake off) event will be taking place on International Women’s Day on March 10th next year. As soon as the web address for the event is live we’ll mention it on Facebook.

Here is our Honeybuns Millionaire’s shortbread recipe-

Gorgeous gluten free shortbreads

Cooking Temperature: 180 deg c

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Quantities – 20 round shortbreads using a 3 inch cutter


Butter (chilled & cubed) 270 g
Sieved Icing sugar 120 g
Corn flour 120 g
Chestnut flour 100 g
Tapioca flour 35 g
Grd almonds 100 g
Guar gum 1 teaspn

Topping 1

Light Golden Sugar Sprinkled



Topping 2


Dulce de leche

350 g

Dark Chocolate pieces

100 g

Vegetable oil or almond oil

1 Tbsp


Prepare a large baking sheet by covering with a piece of silicone paper (baking parchment) cut to size.

Place all of the shortbread ingredients into the food processor and blitz until a soft, pliable dough is formed. Wrap the dough in cling film and chill for  at least 30 minutes to reduce spreading when baked.

The dough can be a little sticky, so ensure that your hands, work surface and rolling pin are liberally dusted with tapioca flour.

Roll out the dough to a little over one cm thick. Dip the pastry cutter in tapioca flour and cut out your rounds (or other fabulous shapes). Sometimes you need to nudge the dough free of the cutter using the end of a cake skewer or similar.

Place the shapes, well spaced out, onto the baking sheet. These little biscuits will spread a bit when baked and have a slightly uneven edge.

The cookies will be a light golden colour underneath- you can gently lift an edge up using a fish slice-

If using topping 1- allow the cookies to cool slight before sprinkling with sugar.

For topping 2- allow to cool completely.

Spread the dulce de leche liberally over each cookie using a palette knife.

Melt the chocolate & oil using the bain marie method or in the microwave.

Spread this molten mixture over the caramel.

Allow to set for at least 2 hours at room temperature.

Lottie  & Sally have also been busy making up lots of our Rinky-Dink Teaparty in a purse gift sets. At just £5.95 from our online shop they are a fabulous stocking filler. Each handmade Honeybuns purse comes loaded with two mini cakes, two teabags & doilie- all set for a mini teaparty to share. The purses are perfecto for lipstick/coin storage once you’ve eaten the cakes.

Tea Party in a Purse

Our Scone testing & tasting went well this week. We had to present them to some key customers & it looks promising-.we should be able to launch them for the Spring of next year. They have a wonderful blend of chestnut flour, ground almonds & a teensy bit of sorghum flour- an Asiatic grass seed that we’ve rather fallen in love with lately-plus a dash of the best vanilla. Very moist & utterly moreish when served with a properly delicious strawberry ‘Half Jam’ where most of the fruit is still whole-Mmmmmm. The demo packaging looks kookily lovely too-

Wishing everyone a delightful, fun filled weekend. Let’s hope this late November sunshine holds out.

PS- The nature reserve is a buzzing with all sorts of bird life right now- robins, Jays, wrens, Goldcrests-I’ll leave Charlotte to update you on all things orchardey- naturewise on her brilliant bee green blog.

Em x