Honeybuns Valentine’s Gifts


Valentine’s Day is always a little tricksy to get right in the gift department- or so we concurred here in the Honeybuns office.

Valentines Honeybuns style

How not to be too cheesy or predictable whilst still conveying your adoration-.? Not an easy one. We think we may just have cracked it this year though, with our beaaaautiful vintage teacup & cake all wrapped up in charming Honeybuns ribbon.

Sweets for my Honey

It’s just that little bit eclectic and also practical -the cakes can be nibbled & the teacup & saucer cherished for evermore.Please see our online shop for info

We tend to veer towards all things vintage when sourcing crockery for our Bee Shack Cafe but we can heartily recommend Poppy Treffry down in Newlyn, Cornwall for her gorgeous teapots which are brand spanking new. To be fair we have got a couple of Poppy’s bits as well as other contemporary local potters mixed in with our preloved china collection- methinks old with some carefully selected new bits can look stunning.

We’ve been busy on one of the final bake throughs of the Honeybuns Baking book- today we motored through luxury custard (for the trifle), mushroom Calazone, a couple of fruity flans plus a coconut & lime cake. It’s interesting to note how things differ baking in the summer compared to the winter.Eggs are quite temperature sensitive as our oils & butter of course- so we’ve put the recipes through their cold weather training today.

A Honeybuns fruity number

The scone trialling has gone well too. We’ll be in touch via Facebook next week asking for keen samplers- we need to figure out a fair selection process as I have a feeling this may be a popular post!

Bird life here on the farm has continued to blossom. We’re just hoping they’ve got enough fat reserves laid down in case of a sharp cold break in February. They’re certainly tucking into the pecan nuts in a no nonsense manner-

That’s it for this week- wishing you a fantabulous weekend,

Em x