It’s all about the Tinkers!

Hallooo-  Hallooo-  Hallooo-

Tut tut, it’s been two weeks since last posting – apologies peeps, but with all the bank holiday fun, time hasn’t been on my side. Still, we’ve managed to pack a lot into our 4 day weeks! Before Easter we had a day with the team from Jamie magazine – they came to do a photo-shoot and interviews. It was a real privilege to work with the fab four: Dan, Andrew, Sarah and Bianca. Charlotte absolutely worked her socks off, not only baking to perfection for the photos, but providing the whole Honeybuns team and guests with a super tasty and nutritious lunch.

Thank-you Charlotte!

Our Superstar Chef Charlotte & Food Stylist Bianca hard at work

We also welcomed some smaller visitors from Holwell Nursey School Fun Shack’ Holiday Club who seemed to enjoy exploring the sandpit, garden and even the field. Look what they discovered in Tinkers Dell-

Tinkers Dell Tea-party!

Last Saturday we opened our Bee Shack Cafe doors for an Easter line up. Great to see all of you who came, and especially some new faces who we hope will become regulars. We took some of our first book orders too, and are currently working on plans for our book launch party in the summer. Yay! That’s not all we’ve got coming up though. Next month, 5th May, will see May Day celebrations taking place in the Bee Shack (and garden). We’re thinking flower garlands, wreaths and baskets. We also hope to have fiddle playing to get the party started. If you have ideas, or would like to get involved, contact us at    Really hope you can make it!

Have you heard the Triple Chocolate Tinker song yet? It landed in Matt’s inbox a week or so ago and has been kept under wraps until George had a chance to put together a Tinkers slide show. We’re all a little at a loss for words, but send our very deepest thanks and huge appreciation to our Sick Squid

See the  Video on our YouTube channel:

Triple Chocolate Tinker Tune

Let us know what you think of it by posting comments on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. If you fancy going a step further and creating your own little video, of course featuring something yummy and Honeybuns, please do! We’d love to be surprised

This week’s Tinker Tuesday prize consisted of the compulsory tin of Tinkers, with the fantastic addition of a pair of tickets to Pawfest on June 9th. This music festival is held by Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue to raise funds for the work they do, and after attending last year, we can recommend it as a great day out.  This year they’ve got Toploader headlining, with lots of other ace bands, including the fan-tab-u-lous, and very local, Buzz. There are another pair of tickets up for grabs again next week – remember there’s no purchase necessary, all you need to do is answer the Tinker Tuesday question.

In May it’s Coeliac awareness week, so will let you know what we are up to to celebrate all things delicious AND gluten free, and what we’re up to to help spread awareness. More on that next time.

Until then- Toodle Pip!

Nina x      (Em is on maternity leave)