Honeybuns Gluten free Cakes


Hope this quintessentially damp British summer is not getting you down? We’re looking on the bright side – at least the apple trees we planted are growing like the clappers. The nature reserve as a whole, is lush & verdant. The fields looks like a vista from a Thomas Hardy novel at the moment. You can wander along mown paths from the Bee Shack Cafe garden to our newly planted orchard whilst drinking in the views across to Bulbarrow. Weather dependent, you can also chill on the swing benches & spy on the rooks who’ve made one of the oak trees their home. They’ve got plenty of attitude. I’m not sure I’d leave a cream tea unattended anywhere in their line of vision-

If you’ve not visited us before, our gluten free Bee Shack cafe is next open on Saturday, 7th  July.

Bee Shack Swing Bench in action

We’ll have more taster samples of our new gluten & dairy free Sconeybuns to try. The feedback on these lovelies has been really positive. Admittedly  if you’re after a cream tea – the dairy free option doesn’t tie in that well- although we have tried out a couple of dairy free alternatives to cream which are OK. If you are dairy as well as gluten free & are planning to visit us- do drop us an email & we can order in some of the dairy free cream- you can then join in on the Sconeybun sampling.

Gluten & dairy free Sconeybuns- delish!

We’ll also have copies of our scrumptious Honeybuns Gluten-free Baking book to peruse & purchase should you wish. The recipes have gone down well so far with those able to procur early copies of the book. We’re really pleased to have finally gotten around to collating our back & current catalogue of Honeybuns gluten free recipes. They are all sweet this time- -.but keep an eye out for savouries to

Honeybuns Gluten free baking Book

We’ll be baking some of the book recipes for our You Tube Channel shortly- you can then check us out baking in the Bee Shack kitchen- this is where we test all recipes using a domestic oven & regular utensils rather than our Honeybuns Bakery kit.

Around the farm we’ve welcomed our swallows back. They are zipping in and out of the old barns where they have their young broods. Our resident white doves have gotten quite friendly to some of the pigeon population judging by the ‘pigoves’ we now have roosting up in the rafters. Our goldfish have also been busy & we’ve set up a nursery for the little ones – lest they get eaten up – nature being so red in tooth & claw. Ollie dog is struggling a wee bit in the humid weather- we’ve been taking down to a local dew pond for a swim which he goes bonkers with excitement about – the little scamp. The ponies & horses are growing plump & enjoying the summer doing nothing much at all other than munching lush grass & gazing contentedly into the middle distance. Not a bad gig!

Speak soon & thanks to Nina for writing fab blogs in my absence.

Em x