Honeybuns Bakery Pippin Party


Long time no blog & it’s great to be able to sit down and tip tip tap away again. Here at Honeybuns everyone has been working like whirling dervishes on a number of different projects. First off, we have 3 fab new products hitting the shelves of independent retailers plus a much loved larger chain of stores-.just in time for Christmas. We’re very excited but can’t reveal too much just yet.

Naturally, these scrumptious treats will all be gluten free and made by us-.but they’re a little bit of a departure from our regular range-

We’re also prepping for the Honeybuns Pippin Party, which is on Saturday 6th October.

Pippin Apple Party

We’re looking forward to Sally & Vicky from our office team’s Honeybuns rap. Let’s just say the lyrics are extremely creative-. Aside from this unique musical offering, there’ll be lots of retail therapy on offer. Pippin Party stalls include Somerset Cider Brandy (say no more), the Faaaaabulous Muddy Dog Handbag Company  plus artisan gifts from the Tinker’s Bubble Community. Everyone will be warmly welcomed & entry is free.

The Muddy Dog Company

The Bee Shack Cafe will also be in full swing on the day, serving gluten free gourmet treats, both savoury & sweet. We tend to forget to mention that our Bee Shack Cafe menu is totally vegetarian too.

Tinker Bocker Glory

We’ve also gone crazy for vintage caravans. What started off as a pipe dream has now metamorphosed into 2 real life & beauteous vans. We have a 1969 Sprite & a gloriously unique hand built & cedar clad curiosity from the 1930s or 40s. Both are being restored to their former glory & you’ll be able to see them & investigate further at the Pippin Party.

1969 Sprite

1930s Cedar Clad Home-build

The overall aim is to then be able to invite guests, including Facebook ‘likers’ to come & glamp on the farm. It’ll be a DIY gluten free breakfast- where we provide all the goodies & give guests free & exclusive run of the Bee Shack Cafe.

Do look out for the naming of our Sprite competition on Facebook. The prize is-.unsurprisingly, a weekend glamping in said caravan. Some of its posh (really nice bedding) & some of it WiFi. But we’re quietly confident you’ll like it.

We’ve also been very busy in the test kitchen, working on some dairy free versions of our Honeybuns Gluten free baking recipes.

The latest one is a hazelnut tart base, generously topped with a dairy free chocolate & avocado ganache & Armagnac soaked prunes.

Prune Tart

Utterly moreish & adapted from the hazelnut, chocolate & pear tart in the book. We’re looking at doing a few more vegan friendly things hence the experimentation. As I get older I’m increasingly concerned about all animal welfare & I’m sad to say that the life of a dairy cow is sometimes far from bucolic. Vegan options as well as compassionately produced dairy ones are now firmly on our radar.

Our rag tag menagerie are  doing really well. The bantams are laying & are still as stand-offish as ever. The herd of Freddie, Belle, Molly & Bee are just adorable. They’re so very laid back & relaxed considering how uptight they each were on arrival. With the exception of the Fredster who has always been super chilled.


Hope to see you on the 6th October.