Homage to Homity Pie recipe

I promised this for last Friday, so apologies for being slightly tardy on deadlines.
This week’s recipe is an adaptation of our spinach-ey Homity Pie from our second cook book (in progress).It’s gluten free ,vegetarian and utterly delicious.
The pastry base is buttery & slightly crumbly. The filling is full of flavour and very simple to assemble.

My DIY pic is a bit rubbish but hopefully gives you an idea.

Serves 8
Oven temp- 180 deg c
Baking time- 20-24 mins
For the Base-
50g Grd Hazelunt
50g Golden flax
130g Sorghum or soya flour.
1 free range egg plus 1 egg yolk
125 g cubed butter from the fridge.

For the filling-
550g (peeled weight) sweet potatos. (This was 2 x lg veggies)
1 tsp cracked black pepper
1/4 tsp salt- optional.
2 tsp dried marjoram. Thyme would also work nicely.
rapeseed oil or olive oil to drizzle
170 g (half a jar) of redcurrant jelly
250 g Brie or camembert. The riper the better.
200 g grated mature cheddar.

To make the base-
Pop all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until you have a soft ball of pliable dough.
Or, rub all the dry in with the butter with your fingertips. Whisk your egg & yolk and add to the crumb mixture.
The dough, your hands, rolling pin and work surface will all need liberally sprinkling with sorghum or soya flr.
Roll out your dough to your tin size. I used a baking tray an inch and a half deep & approx A4 in size.
Brush your baking tray with melted butter or rapeseed oil.
Transfer your dough to the tray. You can roll it out.  I get bored and just hand squidge the dough to cover the tin base. No need to do edges.
No need to prick the base either.
Melt your redcurrant jelly in the microwave or on the hob with 1 tbs of water.
Brush this over your pastry base.
Peel and cube the sweet potato, drizzle with oil & sprinkle with salt, pepper & marjoram. Roast in a preheated oven at 180deg for 20 mins.
Spread the roasted sweet potato over the uncooked base. Place sliced brie over the top. Then add the grated cheddar.
Drizzle lightly over the top with rapeseed oil- this gives a beautiful colour & lush sheen to the molten cheese.
Bake 20 20-25 mins at 180deg.
Serve hot with a simple salad or green beans.
I really hope you enjoy this.
Next week gluten free pesto scones with ricotta. If you want to go nut free in the base you can omit the hazelunt & bump up the flax.
Em x