Gorgeous gluten free plum trifle

This is a truly luscious trifle. Great for using up plums you may have frozen from this Autumn’s glut. Fresh plums are easy to come by too.The layers are sweet & tangy by turn. A fab scene stealing festive pud!
I used a 25 cm diameter trifle bowl.
Serves- 10-12
5 x 85grm slices of Honeybuns Coppice cake or equivalent gluten free sponge. To buy the coppice cake
Cherry Brandy- be generous-‘Tis the season-
500grm stoned plums- approx 14 plums
3 ‘wheels/heads/pods’ of star anise
Runny honey to liberally drizzle
500 ml posh shop bought ‘fresh’ custard- checking it’s gluten free.
600ml whipping cream
300grm creme fraiche
50grm toasted whole hazelnuts
20 grm approx dark choc shavings
naturally dyed glace cherries to scatter – approx 14 cherries.
Slice 5 x regular 85grm slices of Honeybuns Coppice cake in half, lengthways. Alternativel,y bake your own gluten free sponge or use gluten free shop bought ones. Coppice cakes truly are da bomb with this recipe though.
Lay slices on the bottom & part way up the sides of your bowl. Liberally douse with cherry brandy. Supermarkets, even Tescos, do good ones. Then stone & quarter your plums & place on a baking tray. Drizzle them liberally with runny honey & pop 3 wheels of star anise over them- you can halve the wheels- but you need to fish them out afterwards- so keep track of where they are. Roast your plums for 20 mins on 180 deg c.
Allow your plums to cool, remove all star anise bits & then pop plums & all their juices over the sponge layer. Pour the custard over the plums.
Whip your cream using electric hand whisk until stiff peaks form. Stir your creme fraiche in.
Spoon this creamy mix over the custard.
Toast your hazelnuts on a baking sheet at 180deg for 5 mins.
Scatter these over the top of the creamy layer, scatter cherries over.
Shave your dark chocolate & scatter over the top to finish.