Gorgeously gluten free veggie & butter bean broth with sage

I’ve been getting into broth making this past fortnight.
The stock is a little cheat-some. I love Marigold’s Swiss vegetable bouillon. I then add in sage leaves & red onion fried in butter. Most of the remaining root veggies are then pre roasted- some with their skins on & added to the stock base. It’s a really hearty lunch or supper fix & owing to the herbs, it s also deliciously aromatic. We’ve also made a gorgeous gluten free roasted veggie dip from some of the spare veg- pls see pic below.(Details for the dip-pls see after broth recipe).
I used a large saucepan, 3 ltr capacity.
For roasting the veg-Oven temp 180 deg, 20 mins.
For simmering the broth -Low hob heat for 1 hour.
Serves 4-6
1.5 ltr water
4 tsp Vegetable bouillon powder. Gluten free. We use Marigold.
500 grm white potatos (unpeeled weight)
250 grm swede. (unpeeled weight) approx half a medium swede
200 grm turnip (unpeeled) approx 1 lrg turnip
200 grm half a cauliflower
2 x red onions
3 tbs rape seed oil or olive oil
1 tsp dried marjoram
2 tsp dried sage
2 bay leaves
1 x 210 grm tin of butter beans ( drained weight 125grm)
10 fresh sage leaves
30 grm butter

Salt & ground white pepper to taste.

Add the bouillon powder- or cubes are fine to 1.5 litres of water & pop onto a low heat on the hob. Keep the lid on your saucepan & make sure it’s just simmering.

Thoroughly wash your potatos.  If the skins are in good nick I leave them on. Roughly chop to about 3cm cubed.

Add the potatos plus bayleaves to the simmering saucepan.

Peel & roughly cube the swede. Wash & leave skin on the turnip & roughly cube it. Wash & chop your cauliflower.

Place all the veggies in a lrg roasting pan & mix in the oil & dried marjoram & sage by hand or with a rubber spatula making sure all veggies are coated.

Roast in the oven for 20 mins at 180 deg.

Chop your onions- they don’t have to be really fine. Fry in 30 grms butter & on a medium heat. Be careful they don’t catch. As they turn translucent add 10 fresh sage leaves which you can eith er finely chop or snnip into the pan with scissors. You should be enjoy a lovely sage & onion olfactory experience at this stage. Then add this mix to the simmering saucepan. Add the drained butter beans. Once the roasted veggies are ready tip them in as well. Include  any leftover herby/oil mixture from the vegetables.

Total simmering time is 1 hour or more if you want the vegetable to break down further.

Season to taste with grd white pepper & salt if you need.

You just need to remember to fish the bay leaves out before eating.

Lovely reheated the following day too.

For the dip- just do some extra root vegetables in a separate roasting pan – 100 grm  each of swede, turnip & cauliflower with the herbs & oil. Roast for 25 mins at 180 deg. Then add 75 grm drained butter beans. Blitz in a food processor. Add some sage leaves fried in butter & salt & pepper to taste. You have a gorgeous roasted vegetable dip which also freezes beautifully.

Em x