The new ‘go-to’ gluten free cornbread mix from Honeybuns

Cornbread tubes

Goats cheese and beetroot Cornbread

Our new super versatile gluten free savoury Cornbread Mix promises to become a beloved store cupboard staple. The mix makes either a cornbread bake or a pancake batter.

Cornbread muffins, toad in the hole, fat crunchy croutons…and more are super easy to make – just add free-range eggs, melted butter and a splash of milk.

As you would expect from Honeybuns, we use a blend of luxurious naturally gluten free ingredients in the Cornbread Mix, including polenta, sorghum flour, and tapioca flour. Each Cornbread Mix comes beautifully packaged along with six recipe suggestions. It makes a wonderful gift for the home baker.

Available from October 2014, the Cornbread Mix is the second home baking gourmet mix we have launched, following on from the success of our Sponge Cake Mix, and we plan to add more home baking mixes to the range later this year.

For further Cornbread Mix information, costs and wholesalers please do get in touch with us.