Gluten free glamping at Honeybuns

We’ve had some very happy glampers to stay with us this year. 

Gluten free glamping Ark views

Gluten free glamping Ark vintage kitchen

Swing benches

It’s been lovely to share this little corner of Honeybuns Eden with fellow foodies. Happy guests to stay in the Ark has reminded us of just how many fantastic (and usually food related) events there are here in Dorset, from May to October especially. The Sturminster Cheese Festival last weekend was a special highlight. 

Each time we have a glamping booking we check the trusty local magazine for local events which we can then recommend. I think by offering a dedicated gluten free glamping kitchen we’ve reassured coeliacs that they can truly relax when they come to visit. It’s still so hard to safely eat out for many.

We’ve also been motivated to crack on at greater speed (we tend to be a bit Slow Dorset) with finishing of the various wildlife garden related projects. This summer we’ve installed the “3 Bees Garden” in front of the Bee Shack Cafe. All the plants are either bee, butterfly or bird friendly. Plans are afoot also to create a little “Pocket Handkerchief meadow” next to the Ark. So called as it’s a tiny space and we’re keen to demonstrate how many wildflower species you can grow……Happy days.

Fennel bug

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