What’s on our book shelf this month?

The Gluten-free Bible by Jax Peters Lowell. Publishers Owl Books.

First published in 1995 in New York this was one of the first books I immersed myself in when first developing the Honeybuns’ gluten free range way back in 1998.

As a non coeliac, I found this book brilliant at highlighting the myriad of issues facing sufferers, particularly when trying to eat out safely. The horrible social exclusion of not being able to ‘Break bread’ with friends and family is deftly conveyed.

Jax then leads the reader gently and assuredly to solutions, real life anecdotes and reassurances. I love her can do attitude. Recipes are good too. Please note that as a Canadian publication stockists will not be much use.

Grow your own food for Free by Dave Hamilton. Publishers Green Books.

One of our well thumbed ‘go to books’ for all things green.

From making a free sawdust path to creating edible ‘fruit leathers’ this is a friendly, clearly laid out guide to getting the most from your ‘plot’.

Says Hamilton, ‘ As soon as you open your eyes to the world of DIY gardening, ..things can get a little-well,-creative’.

Love it!

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title. 

Fabulous Fanny Cradock by Clive Ellis. Publishers: Sutton Publishing.

This is a fascinating read and is also packed with brilliant visuals including ads, photos, recipes and headlines of the day.

Ellis unflinchingly conveys Cradock’s complex and challenging personality via recollections of her family and inner circle.

Says Peter, one of her two sons, ‘Nothing should surprise you with a woman who deserts her children’.

After writing this I’m going to re-read it. She was streets ahead of her time in terms of pioneering the TV chef gig and being female and anything but predictable.

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.