What’s on our book shelf this month?

The Apple Source Book by Sue Clifford and Angela King with Philippa Davenport. Common Ground.

At Honeybuns we have reinstated the original orchard surrounding Naish Farm. The pleasure this has given us and our visitors is truly off the scale.

This lovely book therefore immediately resonated with us and our orchard evangelism.

Says Gail Vines, ‘Old orchards are a living sign of continuity in the landscape, and most species, like most people, appreciate places with a bit of history to them’.

The myriad benefits to wildlife are explored via historical, geological & modern day facts and anecdotes.

Then there are the recipes. Not specifically gluten free but many naturally are free from or an easily be converted. For example the deliciously simple Dorset Apple Cake by Anna Pavord can be made gluten free by using gluten free baking powder and using half and half ground almond and sorghum flour to replace the flour.

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.

The Gluten-free Almond flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam. Publishers: Celestial Arts (US publication).

This little book does what it says on the tin, and spreading the love for almonds.

Rather than a glossy supermodel of a publication this cook book is light on the visual candy but full to bursting with easy, tasty and nutritious recipes. Everything is naturally gluten free and many recipes feature agave nectar and other alternatives to sugar. There’s also a good representation of savoury bakes. The Olive rosemary bread is beautiful.

It’s an American publication but don’t let this put you off. Ingredients are accessible.

Pocket guide to the Edible Garden by Joe Hashman. Publishers: How to Books.

This pocket book lives in the Honeybuns team polytunnel and is a friendly go-to guide for what to do month by month. We’re no experts in fruit & veg growing and this little guide has helped us with clear illustrations and an emphasis on soil preparation. Gems include a guide to ‘Stroking seedlings gently by hand’ and the charming ‘Gardeners shuffle’.

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.