Rinky Dink Pancake Bites Recipe

Gluten free cornbread mix party food canapes recipe

We’re being asked more and more for savoury, gluten free recipes and these little chaps are sure to delight. 

Made using our fool proof (yes really) Honeybuns Cornbread Mix these pancakes can be made as mini tiny bites or a more regular, hearty frying pan size.


Gluten free Cornbread mix tube

1x tube of Honeybuns cornbread mix

200g melted butter

150ml milk

3 free range eggs

1tbs rapeseed oil per large pancake or 4 small pancakes for frying

To make the pancakes

Empty the cornbread mix packet into a mixing bowl. Add the melted butter, milk and eggs. Whisk thoroughly with an electric or hand whisk until a really smooth batter is formed. The batter needs to be lump free.

Heat 1 tbs of rapeseed oil in a non stick frying pan or Wok and swirl to coat the pan.

Pour your batter in and fry until golden brown both sides. If doing mini tiny bites then you can fry off 4 at a time.

If making little ones, you’ll get lots – over 30 from the one cornbread packet. If making regular sized pancakes, you’ll get six.

Allow to cool and serve with chutney and goats cheese or roasted red pepper, pesto & toasted pine nuts. Or how about our new sweet/savoury favourite, Blackcurrant jam with Brie?

Pictured is roast tomato tapenade with Capricorn goats cheese, chopped black olives and snipped chives.