What’s on our book shelf this month?

‘A Perfectly kept house is a misspent life’ Mary Randolph Carter. Rizzoli

This is a divergence form our usual foodie focus and boy is it a lovely visual treat!

Personally, page 15 sums it up for me. An utterly, utterly beautiful & creative home that is obviously free from ‘Glossy Magazine-ism’.

Randolph Carter celebrates the beautiful reality rather than perfectly styled, camera ready set pieces. The interiors featured here include work spaces, bric a brac collections and actual homes.

We love it and repeatedly dip into when seeking inspiration for our home or the Honeybuns Bee shack interior. 

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.

‘Paleofantasy’ Marlene Zuk . Norton 2013.


Zuk is a biologist and she is focused, laser like, on debunking our emotive, nostalgic impressions of how well nourished cavemen actually were. She explains that all organisms are a working compromise in terms of their DNA and their environment. She argues that it simply isn’t true that cavemen and their diets were optimally attuned.

She also scientifically demonstrates that evolution can happen quickly. She cites the ability of some races to be able to digest lactose, a relatively recent and speedy evolutionary change.

Her style reminds me of Ben Goldacre (re: ‘Bad Science). She is relaxed about people following Paleo diets and concedes it’s better than eating ‘Cheetos and Coca-Cola’. Quite. She is, however, focused on setting the record straight (re evolution) from a scientific, evidence based perspective.

I found it an interesting, accessible and balanced read and I’m still attracted to many aspects of the Paleo diet. This book doesn’t lampoon; rather it sets the reader straight on evolutionary evidence and fact.

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.

Glamping Getaways’ by Cool Camping. Punk Publishing 2011.


This was a bit of a revelation. This lovely book shares some utterly beautiful getaways. For us as a family we’ve used it and stayed in several of the yurts and caravans featured here.

The photography is both beautiful and honest. Write ups similarly tell it like it is. If there is road noise they tell you.

We’ve gotten the glamping bug in a big way. We go away as often as we can to Somerset, Devon & our homeland, Dorset and this book has proved itself a trusty guide indeed.

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.