Spring bird life at Naish Farm

Graham, our resident ornithologist, reports on the bird life here at Naish Farm:

Spring has sprung well and truly, and things are really on the move with this spell of warm weather. Most of the frog spawn is turning into wriggling black mass of tiny tadpoles. The sky and hedgerows are full of birds. I spotted my first swallow of the year on Good Friday.

Long tailed tit

The wrens are darting around the bottom of the hedgerows like tiny mice. Woodpeckers are continuously tapping on anything they can tap on to attract their mates. I’ve seen quite a lot of Goldfinches this year in larger groups of 15-20. Long tailed tits have been quite numerous as well. I’ve also noticed quite a lot of flying insects, beetles etc. because of the mild winter, good news for all insect eating birds.   

Wren on branch

Photos: copyright John Goss-Custard