Glastonbury 2015

Gluten free Milk chocolate brownie unwrapped

Unveiling our new look cafe and takeaway tea & cake bar at Glastonbury Festival 2015 in June is going to be exciting.

The cafe has comfy seats for the weary and the muddy. Pretty tables, teapots and our beloved stripy china mugs. Serving proper tea and coffee plus the award-winning Honeybuns range of gluten free cakes. The Honeybuns team will be ready to welcome you into this little oasis of calm. Look out and head for the red balloons floating above our stall. Honeybuns Cafe is a lovely, snug meeting place, ideal when you need to take a load off and escape the madding crowd. We’re in C Market, opposite William’s Green Food Court and The Meeting Place. Just head straight down from the meeting point in the direction of The Other Stage and you’ll find us on the left just a couple of stalls in from the corner. We’re running a little splendid giveaway this year. Get hold of a Honeybuns flier at Glastonbury and you will be given a free cake in the Cafe….

This is our tenth year of taking our cafe to the daddy of all festivals. Our first year was 2004 and there have been two years off in the period since then. 

Glasto map