Big Fat Croutons Recipe

Crispy gluten free croutons with rosemary sprig

These lovely little cornbread croutons make a tasty accompaniment to soups and salads, scattered on top for extra texture and a bit of crunch. Our gluten free recipe makes use of our versatile cornbread mix.

Makes min. 40 chunky croutons
Baking time 20-24 mins

1 Honeybuns Cornbread mix made up as per pack instructions but do not add the butter

Several snipped thyme sprigs

150g grated parmesan and/or mature cheddar

3 free range eggs

Additional sea salt and cracked black pepper to sprinkle

Rapeseed oil for frying

Pre-heat oven to 180oC/350oF.

Brush a baking tray (32cm x 22cm x 2cm) with oil.

Pop all ingredients except the sprinkle seasoning in a mixing bowl.

Mix using an electric hand whisk until you get a rough crumble mix.

Bowl of gluten free croutons from above

Gently squidge the mix into a ball by hand and then press into your tin.

Bake for 22-24 mins. until firm to the touch and a lovely deep golden colour.

Leave to cool completely before cutting into inch square cubes.  

Add a little rapeseed oil to a non stick frying pan and fry them off in small batches, turning them to crisp up each side.

Season as you like with more sea salt, cracked black pepper and thyme.