Gluten free Glamping weekends in our gorgeous Ark caravan

Our gorgeous, one-of-a-kind caravan, The Ark, looks picture perfect perched up in our front meadow. It’s surrounded by daisies and shimmering summer grasses. We’re into our second year of sowing wild flower meadow seeds and we have now mown dreamy meandering paths in amongst the buttercups.

Meadow with wild flowers

Honeybuns ark in meadow

We’ve had some lovely guests this year, many with children who have been mightily taken with our friendly Brahma cockerel, Teddy. He looks as if he is wearing feathery flared trousers and he wonders over in a very relaxed way to see what treats you might have brought him. Bananas are top of the ‘Teddy’s Treat list’ this summer.

The abundance of butterflies has delighted little ones too. They are everywhere, thanks to the aforementioned planting of native, nectar rich wildflowers. There is clear evidence of fox and badger activity too, with paths, prints and dens for nature mad scamps to discover.

We’ve loved improving both the Ark and the whole Honeybuns glamping experience.

We spend the winter months dreaming up tweaks and improvements, which we then wait til the Spring to try out. When we took the Ark off to the End Of The Road Festival last year we figured that a stable door would be ideal to allow a breeze in on sunny days. We also rigged up a rather lovely red awning using old scout tent poles.

The Honeybuns glamping bathroom elicits gasps of surprise when we unveil it to our guests. We’ve relished the sourcing of proper vintage fittings, mostly found at Shepton Mallet Flea market. It’s on my summer bucket list to actually get round to having a bath in there myself, preferable with a good book & a glass of red .In the interests of research, naturally-..

Bathroom mirror and basin

Glamping bath with stool and cookbooks

Hanging row of towels

If you’re interested in staying in the Ark then we’d love to hear from you.

Simply contact us on:

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