The Shack Cafe celebrates it’s 10th Birthday!

We’d love to see you on Saturday, 5th September to celebrate the Bee Shack’s 10th Birthday. There’ll be gluten free Birthday cake, balloons and bubbles as well as the usual array of homemade cakes and drinks on offer.

Little did we know that our humble café, converted from a chicken shed, would become so beloved of our visitors; many of whom travel from afar to visit us each month. Some customers have visited since we very first started all those years ago.

Bee Shack opening 2

It’s fun to look back on the old Bee Shack photos. There were no actual doors or windows and seating was made up from straw bales and sheepskins. The floor was bare concrete and there was a rudimentary counter made up from milk churns and an old door-.

We’ve never wanted to lose sight of these humble, rustic beginnings and at the same time we’ve conceded that a little bit of refinement was perhaps called for. The straw bales looked great but weren’t half scratchy-..

Bee Shack opening 3

It’s been brilliant to be able to work alongside Nick Vining who used to farm here with his father Tony, on re modelling the building. Over the years, as the Honeybuns budget has allowed, Nick has clad the walls, installed a lovely kitchen and brought our vision of a little café to life.

Visitors tell us it feels very homely and we love the opportunity to open our doors and meet you all. We’re hard at work in-between Bee Shack days making cakes, supplying wholesalers and generally keeping the business ticking over. It’s easy for us to lose sight, sometimes, of who actually eats our cakes and therby supports our business.

In keeping with our humble beginnings, our little party won’t be posh. It’ll be like any other Bee Shack Saturday just with added Birthday cake and a glass of something chilled. We do hope you can come and celebrate with us. We love having the Bee shack here and sharing it with you all. We’d like to say thank you for supporting Honeybuns and our team.

Open Saturday 5th September 11am to 4pm, for drinks, cakes, and cream teas. Do feel free to bring a picnic with you.