Bulbs and Barn Owls

Fresh daffodils in blue jug

The Honeybuns ‘Big Bulb’ day is on Saturday 7th November, 2pm to 4pm. So please mark it in your diary and bring your wellies and a bulb planter, if you have one.

You’ll be warmed by the lovely atmosphere and everyone gets a ‘cute as a button’ little Honeybuns gift bag by way of thanks. Naturally, you’ll be treated to free tea and gluten free cake too. This is also our next Bee Shack cafe open day, and the cafe will be open from 11am to 4pm.

We have a selection of daffodils, snowdrops and Bluebells to plant in amongst the young saplings which went in last year.

The idea is that you can then come and share this lovely spot on our Bee Shack open days in 2016 and beyond. You can honestly stand back and say ‘I did that’-

The patchwork of flower beds surrounding the Bee shack looked gorgeous this summer. We’re now planting more alliums, which looked stunning and were also a big hit with the bees.

We’ve just cleared a patch to create a lovely Buddleia bed in which we’ll plant a mix of varieties. We’re aiming to create an all day buffet bar for the bees and butterflies in time for next summer.

Finally, I was over the Harvest moon to see a Barn owl out hunting in the front meadow recently. We’ve aimed to provide an attractive habitat for voles and mice by maintaining areas of long grasses and ‘woolly’ hedges. So, this was an event we’ve been waiting years to witness.

Small Honeybuns hessian bag on peg

Honeybuns field