Goodbye to Teddy

Teddy the Cockerel in garden

Early spring is well underway here at Naish Farm. New life is bursting out everywhere, so it very sad to relay to you the passing of our Cockerel Teddy. In the short time Teddy spent with us you could not help to be charmed by the gentle giant. He was a handsome chap, with repentant feathers of golden hues. He would strut about the orchard like a chicken Mr Darcy surveying his estates.  Graham our multi-talented nature expert found him on the 30th March in his favourite patch of the orchard. Teddy passed away on beautiful spring morning, not at the teeth of a fox but doing what any Cockerel loves best. Scratching and rooting about at the roots of old apple tree with his loyal hens not far from him. We will miss you Teddy x