Vegan Squillionaire Sundae Recipe

Squillionaire Sundae in glass

Try our scrummy recipe for a homemade vegan ice cream sundae – topped with our Squillionaire.

Suitable for: gluten free, vegan

We originally made this recipe with our vegan and gluten free Squillionaires Slice, however our Millionaires Slice is a good substitute. It is of course utterly decadent eaten on its own.

However, adding a bit of extra luxury to your Squillionaire experience couldn’t be easier! Start by cutting up our delicious Squillionaire cake into bite size pieces and melt a little vegan chocolate ready to line a sundae glass.

After coating the inside of the sundae glass with chocolate, load it up with as many scoops of vegan ice cream as you can fit in, studding the Squillionaire bites between them.

Drizzle any leftover chocolate on the top and pop a few more Squillionaire bits on too for good measure. For added crunch, chop up your favourite nuts and sprinkle over generously.

Gluten free Squillionaire sundae with pecans

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