Homemade Christmas wrapping paper

Rolls of brown and red homemade wrapping paper

Making your own Christmas wrapping paper is the perfect way to while away a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon – we also find that it can be a good way to unwind if festive fever’ has been getting the better of you! The paper is an absolute doddle to make and is guaranteed to bring a lovely homemade touch to your Christmas pressies this year.

Small stamp with teapot design

You will need:

Plain paper, such as Kraft paper

Stamps of your choice (The English Stamp Company do a fab selection)


Baker’s twine, string or ribbon

Gift tags

No directions are needed really – simply decorate the paper with your ink and stamps in any way you choose! You could go for an organised pattern of Christmas trees, a mish-mash of galloping reindeer, a personalised Season’s Greetings’ message to the lucky recipient – or a combination of all three.

Then just simply use to wrap up your gifts, before finishing with baker’s twine and a handmade gift tag. You could even be extra generous and attach a candy cane – just don’t sit the present too close to the Christmas tree lights or you could be left with a sticky, peppermint-y mess come Christmas Day.

Happy crafting!

Red wrapping paper stamped with silver lettering