Frosty November

Sunset over fields in Dorset

Our last day of November started at -5 here at Honeybuns HQ. Proper Brass Monkeys! It was a beautiful sunrise though, we can’t grumble about that. Perfectly clear, and a fine down of frost coating our little corner of Dorset. The chill didn’t stop our Graham and gardening supremo Linda setting to work. Fuelled by Brownies and milky coffee, Graham is a dynamo of enthusiasm. He just loves being outside. Today he has been busy giving our buildings a fresh lick of paint. Linda is a creator of beautiful gardens, we are lucky to have her here Naish Farm.

Lady with wheelbarrow at Honeybuns

We sadly had to lose our three gigantic conifers this month. Linda is planting spring bulbs and small bushes to remodel the site. We always like Honeybuns to look its best at all times of year.

We had a remarkable harvest of apples this autumn. We have been crunching and munching through them since September. Our orchard is looking a little threadbare now. This morning I watched a thrush picking disdainfully through the windfalls at foot of our oldest apple tree. We are always mindful of our feathered companions in winter. We leave fruit hanging on our Damson and Apple trees. We also keep the nuts not fit for our cakes. The bird feeders around Naish farm need regular topping up now, and our discarded nuts do not go to waste.

Apple hanging on tree

Painting and gardening at Honeybuns