Say hello to our New Generation range of cakes

We’re expanding our New Generation’ range in January 2017 with two new cakes.

Vegan and gluten free coconut flapjacks on patterned cloth

Vegan Oaty Apricot Bar topped with pumpkin seeds

Oaty Coconut Bar is a moist, slow baked flapjack made with delicious virgin coconut oil and has a rich intense flavour of coconut and caramel.

Oaty Apricot Bar is a moist, slow baked flapjack made with an apricot puree and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.

Both are made with an innovative use of date syrup instead of golden syrup, and light muscavado sugar which lends a caramel flavour. In addition to being gluten free, both cakes are dairy free and vegan and have been registered with the Vegan Society. They come in a new narrow individually wrapped 56g size, as well as 950g traybakes. We will also be making the Fruity Nut Bar and Squillionaire individually wrapped bars in this new narrow size from January 2017.

Honeybuns New Generation cakes on green cake stand

The delicious and decadent Oaty Coconut Bar and Oaty Apricot Bar are now available and will join the recently launched Squillionaire and Fruity Nut Bar.

This New Generation’ of cakes addresses the increasing demand for a treat that is gluten free and low in refined sugar. Where possible the cakes are dairy free and vegan too, and come in a new smaller size. Our primary focus is on making truly delicious and decadent artisan treats that taste like cake, not health bars.

We have lots of exciting and innovative recipe ideas that we are testing in our New Product Development kitchen, and plans are to grow the New Generation range even more in the next couple of years.

The New Generation range is the first to feature our lovely new packaging which has been re-branded with a fresh clean look, but is still very much identifiable as Honeybuns. The new packaging is slowly being rolled out across the rest of the Honeybuns cakes in the Classic Range.

Now available in our online shop, as well as nationally from John Lewis and many other independent retailers.