Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Tinker Cookies

Made with our gluten free chocolate cookies, these jazzed up Tinkers can be made in no time and enjoyed whilst watching Wimbledon or basking in the sunshine. They go nicely with a cheeky glass of Pimm’s.

Chocolate cookie piled with cream, strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate on top, garnished with mint

Suitable for gluten free

Serves 4


Chocolate cookie piled high with cream, strawberries and finished with a drizzle of chocolate, garnished with mint

4 gluten free Triple Chocolate Tinker Cookies

300ml double cream

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

2 tbsps icing sugar (optional)

4 fresh strawberries – washed, hulled and sliced

8 fresh raspberries

30g / 1 ¼ oz white chocolate

A few mint leaves


In a large bowl, combine together the cream and vanilla paste and use a handheld mixer to whip until thick and holding its shape. Taste, and add icing sugar if you want it sweet.

Transfer the whipped cream to a piping bag fitted with a large nozzle and pipe a swirl onto each of the Triple Chocolate Tinker cookies. Alternatively you could use a spoon to dollop the cream on. Top each cookie with the sliced strawberries and a couple of raspberries.

Place the chocolate into a heatproof bowl and melt in the microwave – use short bursts and make sure to stir, to prevent burning. Use a teaspoon to drizzle the chocolate over the cookies, then garnish with the mint leaves.

Serve immediately or store in the fridge beforehand. Best eaten the same day.

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