Raspberry Yoghurt Bites

Raspberry yoghurt bites

A super easy vegan afternoon treat that the kids will love making! This snack is a brilliant treat to make on a hot summers day and the best part, it is extremely versatile – so you can make any flavours you want.


Suitable for: vegan, dairy free, gluten free

Serves: 4


45g coconut yoghurt (or alternative vegan yoghurt)

10g frozen raspberries

1 Oaty Raspberry Bar


Crush the frozen raspberries into small pieces in a bowl (feel free to change the raspberries to your favourite fruit or spoil yourself with some sweet treats).

Break up the Oaty Raspberry Bar into small chunks and mix this with the raspberries.

Add your vegan yoghurt and stir into the already prepared ingredients making sure they are well combined and evenly spread.

Put the mix into a freezer-safe tray, smooth out the mixture into a thin flat layer before wrapping in cling-film and freeze overnight.

Once frozen, remove from the tray and snap or cut the yoghurt into bite size bits and enjoy!

Best eaten on the same day, or leave in the freezer for lasting enjoyment.

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