Early summer and the nature reserve is teaming with wildlife

Ermine moth larvae

2017 is fast becoming a vintage year for the sun lovers here at Honeybuns. The meadow is bursting with colour from wildflowers and a particular profusion of poppies. The flowers are welcome for our insect visitors. We have a large population of wild bee’s and butterflies.  Meadow Brown seems to be our most common butterfly. The Honeybuns team was confused by a large misty white web which appeared in a hedge. It was swarming with industrious little caterpillars munching through leaves at a furious pace. At a guess I’d say they were Ermine Moth larvae, only time will tell.

Gorgeous display of wild poppies

As our name suggests we have a love of bees here at Honeybuns and support the Bumblebee conservation Trust. The garden and meadow are alive with a soft hum this month. I couldn’t tell you all the species we attract here at Naish Farm. I’ve seen Leafcutter bees emerging from the woodwork in the Bee Shack – what an appropriate name! Two different kinds of bumblebee and the local honeybees harvest our flowers. Where would the Naish Farm orchard be without our buzzing pollinators? I salute our fuzzy friends.

Finally, I have a heart warming anecdote for you all. Our resident swallows have put on an aerial masterclass for us since April. They have been darting in and out of the barn in relays all spring. Last week I was delighted to see a trio of baby swallows lined up neatly on a beam. Almost as if they were soldiers awaiting inspection. Their parents were perched nearby, straight as arrows with chests puffed out. They really looked like the most dapper family in their Sunday best.

View of meadow


(Barry works here in our bakery but is also a passionate nature lover and helps us with our Bee Green initiatives).