Banoffee Flapjack Recipe

The humble plain gluten free flapjack gets a makeover in this recipe!

A topping of caramel, dried banana and pecan nuts gives it a banoffee-esque twist. This was a huge hit with the team when we tried it out in the test kitchen.

Banofee flapjack slices on baking tray

Be warned
This is a delicious but sugary treat. Not for the faint hearted or those with sensitive teeth!

Suitable for
Gluten free

16 servings minimum


1 x Honeybuns gluten free Plain Flapjack traybake (or make your own)

350g  tinned caramel

70g dried banana chips

50g pecans

20g dark chocolate

¼ tsp rapeseed oil


Remove the gluten free flapjack from the tray and pop onto a large chopping board or clean work surface. If instead you’re making your own, following the recipe as per the instructions and then allow the flapjack to cool completely.

Spread the caramel evenly over the flapjack, making sure to push right into the corners. Decorate with the banana chips and pecans, pressing them into the caramel very gently so that they stick.

Melt the dark chocolate and oil in the microwave, in short bursts. Use a teaspoon to drizzle over the flapjack and then leave to set.

Cut into slices or squares and serve to delighted friends and family.

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Banofee flapjack slices landscape on tray

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