Vegan Halloween Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing scary about a Honeybuns Hot Chocolate!

Add a gorgeous oaty coconut twist on your usual hot chocolate with the help of our delicious Oaty Coconut Bar with Dark Chocolate, perfect for these new dark, wintry evenings! This recipe was kindly created for us by Sophie from Thriving as a Vegan. 


Gluten free and vegan oaty bar hot chocolate

1-2 tbsp of hot chocolate powder (depending on how chocolatey you like it!)

250ml of almond or any plant based milk

Vegan spray cream

1 Honeybuns Oaty Dark Choc Bar with Coconut


Put the hot chocolate powder in a mug with a little liquid and stir to get rid of the lumps, carry on adding the plant based milk.

Next, heat over a stove or put in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Mix well and squirt the cream on top, add half an Oaty Coconut Bar with Dark Chocolate chopped into bite size pieces (leave half for dunking in!)

Then sprinkle with a little chocolate powder and enjoy!

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