Styling your cakes spectacularly

Style your cakes beautifully with these gorgeous ideas.

We’re often asked if we do celebration cakes, especially wedding or birthday cakes. Whilst we don’t sell pre-made traditional round sponge cakes with icing, we always recommend that our cakes can look absolutely stunning when they’re pimped up’ for a celebration. Stack them high on a pretty cake stand and they’ll be the talk of the party. Not only that, it’s a relatively inexpensive celebration cake option too and you end up with something totally unique. You can tailor the decoration to the season or celebration too! As we also do various free from options, you can select your cakes to suit the dietary needs of your party goers.


For this styling we chose our top selling gluten free Milk Chocolate Brownies because you can’t go wrong with our brownie really! We used this wonderful red mottled enamel cake stand which we carefully stacked the brownie bars on top of, and finished with a light sifting of icing sugar. To decorate, we used fresh cherries, strawberries, raspberries and some sprigs of vibrant green mint. The red berries are perfectly accentuated against the dark chocolate brownies.


For a more summery display, we plumped for our pretty in pink Oaty Raspberry Bar (gluten free, dairy free
and vegan too) decorated with fresh flowers from the garden – so pretty and you can guarantee lots of admiring comments. A word of warning if you use fresh flowers, do be careful about which you use! As well as some plants being poisonous, the sap can also be very harmful so we would recommend consulting the Royal Horticultural Society for a list of those plants clearly identified as poisonous. You can source fresh or crystallized edible flowers from a reputable supplier like Maddocks Farm Organics and Eat My Flowers. You can always make your own crystallized flowers. For added inspiration, take a look on Pinterest.

Or what about this jolly Christmas display! You can generally fit a good number of cakes on the stand but of course if you want them to go further, just cut them in half – they’re still an ample sized portion.


Or why not cut them up into little bite sized pieces and display in little vintage glass sundae dishes – they’re great little ‘cake canapes’ for a party. Our traybakes are a good option as you can then cut them to whatever size you want.

Celebration christmas cake display

Stack of brownies decorated with flowers and strawberries


Floral summer cake displayon stand

Gluten free cakes perfect for parties