Em’s Cranberry Sauce

Here Emma tells us why one thing she makes every year without fail is her special cranberry sauce.

Em hanging wreath on door

This is a doddle to make and truly beats anything you can buy in the supermarket!

Pop fresh cranberries, orange juice and zest, plus muscovado sugar and port in a saucepan and simmer until it thickens. The wonderful smell will get everyone’s nose twitching in anticipation of the pending feast.

We like to mix it up each year, and so will try something different for Christmas lunch. It might be a free range goose from Will and Michelle Paice at Higher Grange Farm, Glanvilles Wooton to a super sized chicken from Peaceful Poultry. We enjoy ringing the changes.

Our Christmas gatherings vary from year to year, depending on who’s around. Everyone will share out the day’s cooking, each bringing contributions to the feast. This lightens the load for the host. It also means we have more time to enjoy stockings, presents and playing daft games before we all sit down for lunch. It’s a great way of discovering people’s specialities too.  For instance, our American friend Jo does a gorgeous butternut squash bake.

Want more festive recipes? How about giving our Gluten Free Cinnamon Shortbread Stars with Chocolate Dip a go?

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