Bliss Balls

A delicious little snack which is super easy to make and perfect for on-the-go!

Bliss balls on tropical plate

Suitable for Gluten free, dairy free & vegan


150g dried dates

100g cashews or almonds

75g desiccated coconut

50g dairy free cocoa powder or raw cacao powder

1 tbsp water

Pinch of salt


Firstly, blitz the nuts together in a food processor and then add the dates.

Mix well and add in the cacao or cocoa powder and a small pinch of salt.

Then add the water, depending on the consistency you may need more or less than a table spoon!

They need to be sticky so you are able to roll them into balls.

Once shaped, roll them in the desiccated coconut and pop in the fridge to set.

Why not try using different nuts, berries or seeds to roll your bliss balls in?

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Bliss balls on tropical plate 2

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