We’re delighted with the two latest additions to our range of gluten free cakes

Gluten free handmade cakes

gluten free peanut blondie sponge cake

We’ve expanded our Classic Range of gluten free cakes with these two new additions.

Peanut Blondie

This decadent cake will have you drooling. It’s devilishly rich and a winner with our team!

Baked with butter, milk and white chocolate and plentiful roasted peanuts, and topped with crunchy salted caramel pieces. We’re delighted that John Lewis have chosen to stock this cake in their ‘The Place to Eat’ restaurants.

Available in individually wrapped 56g cake slices, and 950g traybakes.

Shelf life after defrost 16 days

Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Cake

This is a beautifully balanced cake with a soft sponge like texture.

gluten free Hazelnut, dark chocolate and cranberry cake

The dark chocolate and the tartness of the cranberries counterbalance the sweetness. It’s the closest we do to a sponge cake slice yet it still has plenty of texture thanks to the pleasingly chunky bits of dark Belgian chocolate and cranberries. We use a blend of ground hazelnuts, ground almonds and polenta to create the sponge.

Available in individually wrapped 56g cake slices, and 950g traybakes

Shelf life after defrost 10 days

Our cakes are supplied to trade frozen. Please make sure you apply a Best Before label to each piece once defrosted. you need to pop the Best Before label over the top of the film wrapper.

If you would like samples of these cakes, please do contact Sally at, tel 01963 23597, or fill in the contact form below.

We have a useful and eye catching selection of point of sale, most of which is free, so do contact us if you would like some.

gluten free Hazelnut dark chocolate and Cranberry cake

gluten free peanut blondiecake