How to Bake the Perfect Gluten Free Cake Slices

Having been a dedicated gluten free bakery for 20 years, we at Honeybuns know a thing or two about gluten free cakes!

We’re very proud to be celebrating 20 years of Honeybuns this year, as well as the launch of some new gluten free cakes and the publication of our new All Day Cook Book’ (coming soon)!

Not only are our cake slices a hit for those who may be unable to eat gluten (or dairy), but also those who can. We pride ourselves on creating the best tasting cakes possible that just happen to be gluten free!

Hazelnut, dark chocolate and cranberry cake on check table cloth

Em’s journey

Emma started making cakes 20 years ago, when she was a student in Oxford and trying to find a way to make some extra money.

She had inherited recipes from her bohemian granny who had spent a lot of time travelling around Northern Italy.

The recipes were heavily influenced with Italian ingredients, such as polenta, ground almonds and pistachios, which are naturally gluten free but also give an amazing depth of flavour and texture. Emma set about making these delicious gluten free cake slices and delivering them to local businesses on her old post office bike.

Peanut Blondie broken in half

It was only when coeliac friends started to question if they could safely eat Honeybuns cakes that the gluten free penny started to drop.

After chatting to many Coeliac UK members, it became clear just how miserable a diagnosis could be when there was a desperate lack of safe and tasty food to buy.

Back then you were pretty much restricted to pharmacy type products and the odd meringue. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease, currently with no cure. A life long gluten free diet is the only proven way to manage the condition.

And so gluten free became central to Honeybuns. Emma has always viewed gluten free as an advantage in making really innovative and delicious cakes.

Stacked squillionaires

Our free from cake slices

We now have two ranges: Our Classic range of brownies, layered shortbreads, and flapjacks are all made with indulgent ingredients like butter and sugar.

These include our top selling Milk Chocolate Brownie, award winning Snowy Hills (Lemon & Ginger polenta shortbread), and chocolate and orange Heathcliff Brownie.

In recent years we’ve expanded our gluten free cake slices and traybakes and now offer vegan, dairy free and refined sugar free options too. These sit under the New Generation Range‘ umbrella and include oaty bars, a date sweetened millionaire shortbread, and Fruity Nut Bar.

This range fulfills the need for great tasting, fun cakes which also address customer concerns around allergens and sugar.

Stacked plain flapjacks

Cake sizes

Our cakes come in individually wrapped large, narrow and mini gluten free cake slice options, and in traybakes, which are perfect for entertaining!

As ever, our gold standard remains; that someone would not twig our cakes are ‘free from’.

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